About Me

JannaPicAbout me…this is where I talk about myself.  This is where I stare at my computer screen and wonder what on earth people would want to know about me.

Well, I am married to a wonderful man named Russell and we have a beautiful little girl.  We also have two dogs – Bailey and Sally; and one cat – Furgie.  My poor husband is vastly outnumbered, as all are female.  But he’s a good sport about it.

I love my family, and my friends…I just love people.  I love being in nature, but don’t escape to it often enough.  I love coffee and baked goods, and I love partaking of both with a girlfriend and good conversation, or tucked away in a comfy corner of my home with a good book.  And oh do I love to dream!

But more than anything, I love my Heavenly Father.  He is so good, so full of grace and love.  In the storms and in the quiet, my favorite place is holding tight to Him. It’s my only place of peace, and there I remember that I don’t have to have everything under control or figured out.  I’m just called to love and obey.  Everything else?  He’s got that.

And today I want to tell you, whether you’ve heard it a million times or never, that you are so dear to God’s heart and He loves you so very much.